Making Wood Cutting Board

Making your own custom wood cutting board is an easy diy project you can tackle in less than hour. If you were to start on the wood she says it could kick back at you or destroy it.

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In this tutorial i ll share 11 steps to making a cutting board.

Making wood cutting board. As with most food safe finishes the cutting board finish will need to be reapplied regularly. Since this is the first one i ve made i can also pass on some valuable lessons learned. I used walnut and maple scraps cut at increments of 1 8 in but the variations are endless.

For durability also avoid soft hardwoods like poplar. The cutting boards can be easy as a single wood board or may contain many pieces with different wood species and shapes. Create a divot in the cutting board which you can use for olives and spices with a wood chisel and hammer.

Rub entire cutting board with several coats of a food safe finish like mineral oil walnut oil or beeswax allowing oil to fully absorb into the wood. Okay i can check this one off my project bucket list but i thoroughly enjoyed making my first wooden cutting board. You know already that wood likes to move especially when wet.

I made four versions of this design and got smarter with each. We don t want that if you re using a thick piece of wood you might have to flip it over and saw on the other side too to complete the cut. How to make a wooden cutting board step 1.

The beauty of cutting boards is that no matter how skills you have you can simply make a cutting board with basic tools. There are a few things you want to consider when you buy wood for a cutting board. Avoid soft woods like pine it cuts and scratches easily and very porous woods such as red oak the large pores can harbor bacteria.

Wood cutting boards are popular choices due to their reliability and durable chopping surface. Allow cutting board to dry overnight before use. Some wooden cutting boards tend to attract stains rather easily and can be difficult to clean.

This will help to protect the natural wood while also making your board easier to clean. This cutting board dazzles the eye but making it is easy. Making an alaskan ulu knife out of sheet metal and wood with a mating cutting board.

When you sand you tear and abrade the fibers of the wood making tons of tiny broken fibers all over the surface of the cutting board. If giving this board as a gift also present. This issue can be solved by searching for a cutting board with a special coating.

Choosing the best wood for cutting boards when choosing woods for cutting boards look for dense hardwoods as they are more durable and can stand up to kitchen tasks. The guide will show you how to make a cutting board and also how to clean and condition a wood cutting board. And i look forward to making many more.

Just cut strips of wood and glue them together. So what ends up happening is that when the wood gets wet all those tiny broken wood fibers curl up and stand proud of the surface just like the. Some require a whole shop full of tools and others require few woodworking tools.

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